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500th Mercedes-Benz Actros SLT heavy duty tractor unit handed over to TSB Transport-Service Beitinger

Stuttgart / Gundelfingen – Heavy duty tractor units like the Mercedes-Benz Actros SLT are often involved when oversize, heavy duty components or machinery are transported. The Actros SLT is now celebrating a milestone: the 500th Mercedes-Benz SLT towing vehicle based on the current Actros has been handed over to TSB Transport-Service Beitinger in Swabia's Gundelfingen. 

The 500th heavy duty tractor unit: the Mercedes-Benz Actros 4163 LS SLT 

This particular heavy duty tractor unit is a Mercedes-Benz Actros 4163 LS SLT. It is driven by the most powerful Mercedes-Benz Truck engine: the six-cylinder in-line OM 473 engine with 15.6 l displacement. It has an output of 625 hp (460 kW) with a torque of 3000 Nm. In order to be able to take to the road with transport loads of up to 250 tonnes, the G 280 transmission is equipped with a fluid coupling. The turbocharged decompression engine brake on the OM 473 is of outstanding importance in the heavy duty transport sector . The engine brake achieves an output of up to 646 hp (475 kW). The wear-free braking power is 980 hp (720 kW) in conjunction with the fluid coupling (primary retarder). 

Heavy duty transportation usually involves driving at night with a break during the day. That is why the 500th SLT is optimally equipped with a GigaSpace L-cab with a level floor. It has a photovoltaic system on its roof. This offsets the current power consumption of the electrical consumers such as the air conditioning system when the vehicle is stationary without the engine needing to be switched on. That saves fuel, causing less pollution thanks to reduced CO² emissions. 

TSB Managing Director, Edwin Beitinger, said at the handover event: "We have been active in the field of heavy duty transportation for more than 30 years and absolute flexibility has always been priority number one with regard to our own quality standards. That is why, when it comes to four-axle towing vehicles, we rely on the Actros SLT which meets all of the requirements we have of a towing vehicle." The head of Mercedes-Benz Sales Section Trucks South, Andreas Schmid explained the following: "Those working in the field of heavy duty transportation require highly technological equipment and reliability without compromise which is precisely what the top-of-the-range vehicle from the Actros model series delivers. The 500th SLT cements the long-term relationship between our partner Beitinger and the Mercedes-Benz Neu-Ulm dealership." 

The Mercedes-Benz heavy haulage truck is an extremely robust high-tech heavy duty tractor unit 

The four-axle versions, like this particular customer vehicle, are the core of the SLT offering. In this configuration, the technically permissible gross mass is almost 44 tonnes. The permissible gross combination mass is 250 tonnes.