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Transport and loading on inland vessels of heavy products from Linde global industrial gases and engineering company

The transport was carried out by Kahl Schewrlast. The crane work was carried out by Franz Bracht and Thömen. The objects that works transported had weights of 397/440 and 640 tons. For the bundle 397 and 440 tons Kahl Schewrlast used 18 axles pst sl e split each. For the large bundle with 640 tons we used 2x 12 pst sl e split.

A Caterpillar lr 1600 2 from Thömen with suspended ballast and the TC 2800 from Franz Bracht with suspended ballast to be lifted into the ship was used for lifting. Daniel Sobczynski Project Manager Kahl Schwerlast would like to draw your attention once again to the fact that we are the only company in Europe that has Goldhofer self propelled vehicles as Split sl e!

Source / photo D. Sobczynski