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Felbermayr is the world's first owner of Scania's most powerful series-produced truck with 770 hp


With the 770 hp Scania 770 S, Felbermayr Transport and Hebetechnik has taken on a world premiere in its fleet. For the most difficult tasks in the transport industry, the world-renowned specialist in heavy and special transport relies on the legendary power of the Scania V8 engine.

With the delivery of the four-axle Scania 770 S, not only is the most powerful series truck in operation, but also the world's first heavy-duty tractor unit of the new model. For the Austrian heavy haulage company Felbermayr, based in Wels, the “King of the Road” is a figurehead for innovation and future orientation.


“Of course, performance is important to us because we are traveling with very heavy loads. It is therefore necessary that we have such vehicles in use, ”emphasizes CEO Horst Felbermayr. Reliability and high performance like that of the Scania 770 S would simply be necessary for his company in order to optimally fulfill the most demanding transport tasks and the most varied of customer requirements.

With the new addition to the Felbermayr fleet, the company has been doing one for 15 years

For Manfred Streit, Director Scania Austria, the delivery of the Scania 770 S to Felbermayr is a further milestone, both in terms of customer relationships and for Scania Österreich Ges.mbH, which is celebrating its 50th anniversary in 2021. “The Scania 770 S is predestined to solve the most complicated tasks in the highly sensitive transport and logistics industry. State-of-the-art technology, state-of-the-art gearbox - simply the most powerful series model on the market ”, konstati

With a maximum torque of 3,700 Newton meters, the Scania 770 S A8x4 / 4NB has a gross combination weight of 175 tons. In addition to all the power and transport capacity, the “King of the Road” also sets standards in terms of fuel consumption and driving comfort. The V8 engine has been extensively redesigned and, depending on the version, is three to six percent more efficient than the previous generation. And in the interior, too, the Scania offers drivers even more comfort:

Driver Andreas Hintringer is happy to be the first to drive this special tractor unit. So far he has been on the road with a Scania S 730, with which he has covered 90,000 kilometers per year and which has never let him down. On the Felbermayr company premises, his verdict is clear after just a few driving meters with the Scania 770 S: “A stunner! That is in a class of its own! "

With 35 years of professional experience, the power of the V8 engine is legendary. What particularly appeals to him about his job is the variety and the challenge. Driving across Europe regularly with 150 tons and more requires driving skills. Scania driving comfort and reliability are the trump cards. After all, in the case of special transports with the vehicle up to 37 meters long, a wide variety of regulations regarding the accompanying vehicles must be observed.

Special installations are also made in the Felbermayr workshops: A central lubrication system for the automatic lubrication of, for example, fifth wheel couplings and spring bolts is installed in the axle suspensions. For the numerous special tasks of this vehicle, appropriate lighting equipment is also required to illuminate work areas, for example for loading and unloading as well as for transport monitoring. After all, must for the discerning user

"Every meter is prescribed, but sometimes roads are unpredictably blocked," explains Felbermayr driver Hintringer. But the professional can easily cope with such situations, after all, they are part of the job. To be at the forefront of the world's first delivery of a Scania 770 S heavy-duty tractor unit is a lot more exciting.