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Mammoet FOCUS30 completes testing phase

Check out this new footage from the FOCUS30's recent successful testing phase.

The FOCUS30 will enhance projects at congested sites thanks to its vertical boom assembly, which means it has no need for a sterile area to be set aside.

Following testing, the FOCUS30 is now compliant with the EN 13000 standard for mobile cranes.

Mammoet is pleased to announce the formal purchase of the linear winch Fleet and associated pipe pulling equipment.

The purchase of the winches by Mammoet includes two state-of-the-art 800t capacity linear winches, which are unique to the industry, their innovative design is patented and allows socket passing under load as well as utilizing advanced hydraulic controls for accurate monitoring. This results in less downtime and increased project efficiency. Also added to the Mammoet portfolio are several smaller linear winches ranging from 100t to 300t, and a range of drum winches. The equipment will be added to Mammoet’s Offshore Services equipment fleet.

This latest addition in equipment offers an ideal complement to the existing capabilities of Mammoet Offshore Services in providing tailored engineering expertise, and equipment to deliver complex marine and offshore and nearshore pulling projects. The global footprint of Mammoet will allow the company to offer its customers more effective solutions to nearshore & offshore pipeline and cable pulling.

The acquired assets will support the Mammoet Offshore Services team in continuing their focus in developing the offshore riser, umbilical, and cable pulling operations. Murphy / Land & Marine will continue to offer installation engineering support tofuture Mammoet linear winch operations.

“Land & Marine has a well-established reputation in the linear winch hire and pipe pulling market that Mammoet Offshore Services will uphold their standards whilst broadening our overall offshore services offering. The Land & Marine legacy, its specialist experience, combined with Mammoet’s innovative approach, makes for an exciting combination moving forward,” explained Barnaby Mills, General Manager for Mammoet – Offshore Services.

Andrew Ball, Murphy’s Natural Resources Sector Director, said “We wish Mammoet Offshore Services all the very best going forward. We hope that with Mammoet’s global network, Offshore Services will successfully continue the legacy of Land & Marine linear winch hires.”

Scheuerle Rotor Blade Adapter I Transport sensitive loads safely

Transporting rotorblades is no easy task. We have recognized this challenge, which our customers face every day, and for this reason we have developed the Scheuerle Rotor Blade Adapter, which significantly simplifies these transports.

These combinations recently left Goldhofer headquarters for a wind farm project in Sweden!

The new tube adapters RA 2 110 were used

These combinations recently left Goldhofer headquarters for a wind farm project in Sweden! The new tube adapters RA 2 110 were used

Diese Kombinationen haben vor Kurzem Goldhofer Hauptsitz für ein Windpark Projekt in Schweden verlassen! Zum Einsatz kamen die neuen Rohradapter RA 2 110